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Winecrush Powder: 5 kg

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Kick up the flavour of your next dish.

Winecrush is a natural flavour enhancer made from pressed Okanagan wine grapes . You can add it to any recipe as a replacement for wine.

Most people start with smoothies because it improves the flavour of the fruit, while adding natural  antioxidants, fiber, protein and vitamins.

Rub it on steaks, roasts, or poultry to enhance the meat flavour

Add it to bread, sauces, desserts, cheese balls; anything you think would taste better with a cup of wine.

When making a wet recipe, add one tbsp for every cup of liquid. 

With meat, rub generously onto the surface, especially around the fat.

Check out some of our recipes to see how it can be used.

This size is perfect for food service

Winecrush contains NO ALCOHOL.