The MarLee™ Product

    The better way is to convert it into a shelf-stable puree. Our new patent pending process/product is a homogenized paste, sold in bulk as a food enhancer to natural food processors.
    1. It uses significantly less energy (both electric power & heat)
    2. By using bio-mechanics, we enhance nutrition and flavour rather than remove it.
    3. Most of the conversion process can take place on winery property, using specially design food-safe containers. Unlike most sustainable winery practices, this can pay for itself as we plan to compensate the winery for the partially finished product.

    The final product will be a blend of different varietals, primarily reds. One of the project objectives will be finding a blend that is consistent over multiple crops. Wolf Blass once said that the hardest wine to make is not the $100 ultra-premium wine but the $5 mass-produced wine;  it needs to be same in every bottle, every year. 

    And just like wine-making, we may have different blends that enhance different foods.