Our team includes:

Bill Broddy – Winecrush founder and business development expert. His vision of infusing winery derivatives into gourmet foods was the genesis of the company. He spent 15 years in product development and product management at IBM (in Vancouver, Toronto and Boulder, CO). This is Bill’s third start-up.

Allie Broddy - has spent the last 4 years working with wineries, food retailers and the restaurant industry on ways to infuse winery derivatives into popular food items. She manages Marlee sensory feedback with consumers, culinary experts, and suppliers

Sean Clancy – Food scientist and lead on product development. 35 years in food industry including BC Packers.

Steve Creed – International expert on valorizing food production waste. Based, in the
UK, he is the former director of the Oxford-based, worldwide Love Food; Hate Waste program managed by Waste & Resources Action Programme. Steve provides guidance on optimal strategies for commercialization. He will help develop the Love Wine; Hate Waste certification.

Gary Strachan – Wine scientist with over 25 years consulting experience with wineries. Former head of wine and grape research Agrifood Canada Summerland Research Center. Member of the BC Wine Grape Council Sustainability Committee. Gary provides guidance to the team on winery practices and technologies.  He will develop on-farm HAACP policies, technologies and processes