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Wine Crush Market BC Ltd. (doing business as Winecrush) was launched in 2016 with a vision to fill a gap in B.C.’s emerging wine industry.

 Winecrush converts wine-making derivatives (grape skins, seeds and spent yeast) into food flavour and nutrition enhancers.

Over the past 4 years, we assisted in creating a number of popular retail food items with our Winecrush powder, including: sausage, cheese, bread, crackers, ice cream, plant-based spreads and finishing salts.

 In 2018, we recognized the need for a new food enhancer made from these ingredients that have more nutrition and flavour while driving down manufacturing cost. We began research on the Marlee process and filed for a patent in 2019.

The process allow wineries to to lower the carbon footprint by avoiding the methane  emissions from derivatives sent to the landfill. It also allows them to lower the costs of disposal. 

We qualify as a BC Eligible Business Corporation, providing BC residences with potential tax advantages.