About us

Winecrush is an innovative artisan food company in the wine-rich Okanagan region of British Columbia. After wineries press their grapes, we take the seeds and skins and create gourmet artisan foods.

Winecrush is full of antioxidants and natural plant compounds called oligomeric proanthocyanidins complexes (OPC) and procyanidin dimers. In addition, Winecrush® Powder is gluten free.



Co-founders Bill Broddy and Tyson Still started developing a bread packed with the resveratrol-rich skins and antioxidant seeds to make the healthiest and tastiest breads on the market. After many attempts at developing this product the Winecrush® bread recipe was finally born. Tyson then started developing recipes for other retail sold products like the Winecrisps™, Winecrush® infused sea salt. Tyson has worked closely with other chef’s in BC teaching them how to infuse Winecrush® into other restaurant menus in BC.  

It costs wineries time, money, and resources to safely compost their pomace. By taking it and re-purposing it we save the vineyards time and money and we get the opportunity to innovate a new, healthy, product that is typically discarded after the wine making process.