About us

Our Mission 

Winecrush® infuses gourmet foods with crushed wine grapes (hence our name) that we collect from Okanagan wineries, and then stabilize it. This innovative artisan food additive is full of wine flavour It is also full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You've heard of the nutrient value of red wine; our process concentrates those nutrients.  

Our Beginning

Founder Bill Broddy started the business after seeing a bear feasting on a pile of crushed winery grapes. He discovered what bears already knew, that the crush still had most of the flavour and almost all the nutrients left in them.

He initially developed a Winecrush-infused sourdough bread, with the assistance of  Alexandra Broddy and other members of the team. It was the healthiest, tastiest bread in the market because of its resveratrol-rich skins and antioxidant seeds.

Winecrush Sourdough

The team then developed recipes for other gourmet  products such as, sausage, cheese,  and Malbec & Herb Sea Salt

We also offer the base ingredient, Winecrush® Powder, to consumers for smoothies and cooking. We have worked closely with other chefs in BC, showing them how to the improve their offerings by infusing Winecrush.  

Helping wineries become sustainable

It costs wineries time, money, and resources to safely compost their marc (crushed wine grapes) and Lees (sediment from tanks or barrels).  By taking and re-purposing it, we save the wineries time and money, and we provide you with tasty, healthy products

The MarLee Project  provides a cost-effective solution for the wineries, and gives food processors a highly nutritious, flavourful, natural enhancer.