Winecrush participating in Innovate BC Agritech Challenge with new patent pending product

Agritech Innovation Challenge logo ImageMay 27, 2019 - It’s been an exciting week for Winecrush. We have filed a provisional patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office. We have also been invited by Innovate BC  Agritech Innovation Challenge to submit a proposal to fund further development of this new production process.  

The pending patent is for a new product with significantly improved nutritional content and flavour profiles. Through the new process, we will be able to convert virtually all edible winery by-products into food supplements. We have conducted preliminary sensory testing with amazing results.

We are 1 of 10 finalists in the Challenge that will be competing for up to $100K in development funding. In previous years, 2 – 3 finalists have been funded.

Why the new product?

After 3 years of developing and marketing Winecrush-infused gourmet food, we realized that we could significantly improve the base ingredient. As a result, we believe that the new Winecrush will provide food processors and their customers with exciting new products.

Processors in almost all food categories will benefit from a proven natural preservative that is loaded with all the good things red wine is known for. It likely allow them to significantly lower salt content while extending shelf-life. It should also provide tremendous flavour enhancement, bringing out flavours in meat, and processed fruits and vegetables.  

Consumers should be excited about Winecrush infused products. The products will have more pronounced flavour. In addition to the wine notes, our infusion should bring out “crispness” in processed fruits and vegetables.  These products would have significant amounts of antioxidants (including Resveratrol), vitamins, minerals and plant-based protein. They may also be able to provide clean-label preservation through the anti-microbrials present.

Why is the first I’m hearing of a new Winecrush product?

Although many of you are avid Winecrush supporters, and the new product has been under development for quite some time, we had to keep it under wraps to protect our potential patent. Now that the provisional patent has been filed we can be more open about our plans.    

Supporting sustainable winery practices

We see ourselves in the forefront of upcycling BC winery waste There are 10K tonnes of edible winery by-products generated every year in BC; roughly 1 bottle for every 2 bottles of wine. Most waste is composted, but this can potentially attract pests or unwanted bacteria, contaminate the soil and create unsafe vineyard runoff. There is also an enormous amount of research showing the health and economic value of converting these by-products into health and food supplements. 

Just as SunRype was spawned out the need to up-cycle fruit orchard waste, we believe we can do the same for BC wineries.